Data management is foundational to a successful learning health system. The effective use of high-quality, well-documented data from the electronic health record (EHR) and outside sources will enable clinical and research analytics to generate insights that translate into real patient benefits and improved services.  In addition, transparent and reproducible data curation and data validation methods must be utilized to insure consistent and generalizable methodologies to understand and document existing and newly curated data assets. 

The Data Management Committee (DMC) will review the processes by which data from the EHR and other sources is collected, organized, integrated, and transformed into reliable, accurate and high-quality assets in support of research, clinical and operational needs.  Additionally, the DMC will develop and share UC Davis Health best practices, for the validation and characterization of enterprise data, for the development and maintenance of an enterprise-wide searchable data asset catalogue, and for the management of these data assets. 

The DMC is also charged with guiding individual data teams in the development of sustainable workflows related to project intake, evaluation, and prioritization to ensure the responsible allocation of resources related to data management.  

Key oversight functions of the DMC include: 

  • Oversee enterprise master data management
  • Oversee the development of best practices for the curation, validation, and characterization of enterprise reusable data assets 
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of an enterprise-wide searchable data asset catalogue