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For general inquiries, please contact us at DataCoE@ucdavis.edu.

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Management Team

Kent Anderson, M.S.
Director, Data Center of Excellence
Associate Director, CTSC Biomedical Informatics

Kent Anderson, M.S. is charged with facilitating the integration of research technology within UC Davis Health, including health data re-use, secure research infrastructure provision, and development of population health datasets. He is responsible for directing the design, acquisition, development, and implementation of specialized databases, tools, and applications to support clinical and translational research at UC Davis. In addition, he serves as a representative to the national consortium of CTSA award recipients to develop resources to benefit all represented CTSA institutions. He works closely with the Biomedical Informatics Program director to help investigators make the most efficient use of informatics services and resources.

dr adams
Jason Adams, M.D., M.S.
Director, Data and Analytics Strategy
Medical Director, Data Center of Excellence

Jason Adams, M.D., M.S. is charged with providing IT leadership to support business intelligence, data management, data governance, and analytics for UC Davis Health in its drive to become a world leader in the use of data and analytics in healthcare.

Dr. Adams works with health system leaders to improve the ability of UC Davis Health to use data and analytics to improve healthcare delivery, health system operations, and research. He also provides strategic direction related to the development, maturation, and expansion of the Data Center of Excellence. He serves as Co-Chair of the Health Data Oversight Committee and Co-Lead the UC Davis Health IT Data Center of Excellence. In addition to his role in IT, Dr. Adams is a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine physician with extensive clinical experience caring for patients with critical illness and both acute and chronic pulmonary diseases. He also runs a multi-disciplinary research lab focused on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) methods, physiologic sensors, and electronic health record data to improve the way we diagnose critical illnesses and predict clinical trajectories in the ICU.


Minh Hien Vo, B.S.
Director, Data Acquisition and Architecture

Minh Vo, B.S. is charged with facilitating data acquisition and extraction of clinical, research, and finance data.

Minh is responsible for managing the Research IT, Clinical Data Warehouse Development and Administration teams to provide critical data services to UC Davis Health customers including: Clinical, Finance, Purchasing, Operation, Research, Innovation Technology, School of Medicine, and School of Nursing.  The service offerings consist of research infrastructure management and support, architecture design, data acquisition, data extraction, development, implementation, and management of re-usable data sets, databases, analytical tools, and applications.  In addition, he works closely with the other UC and UC Health campus to help share and integrate data to support mission critical initiatives. He also collaborates with the research community to support their research studies and funding request submissions.


Jodi Nygaard, M.S.
Director, Data Access and Delivery

Jodi Nygaard, M.S. manages a team of skilled analytics staff who provision reports, dashboards, data extracts, data sources, and other analytics assets in support of all clinical operations and research projects at UC Davis Health and Marshall Medical Center.

Jodi is responsible for the intake of data requests to ensure the use of self-service tools when possible, to leverage existing assets, and to find the best solution for the creation of new assets when necessary. She is also charged with prioritizing the queue of requests with the guidance of the Request Prioritization Committee and providing transparency to all stakeholders on the status of their requests. Jodi is responsible for developing processes that ensure the most efficient data provisioning, that adheres to all IRB and Compliance requirements as well as the highest quality of deliverables. She directs the maintenance, access, and delivery of content in Epic’s Cogito module including Cognitive Computing. Jodi works with stakeholders to develop strategies for incorporating data into clinicians’ and operational end user workflows so that analytics are easy to gain insight from.

Chris Hilscher, M.B.A. CSSGB
Manager, Data Curation


Chris Hilscher, M.B.A., CSSGB is the Manager of Data Curation at UC Davis Health. He manages a team of analysts and program managers focused on large scale aggregation, semantic curation, and sharing of enterprise reusable data assets including patient registries, complex clinical metrics, and outcome measures.  

This work is completed through individual Domain Specific Units (DSUs) focused exclusively on asset development in a single clinical or operational domain - enabling data assets to be used reliably across UC Davis Health and includes Emergency Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Pharmacy, Telehealth, Cancer Center, Strategy, and Ambulatory Operations. 

Chris is also responsible for Data Governance activities at UC Davis Health. This includes the Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC) structure which is charged with overseeing the efficient, effective, and responsible use of data/analytics at UC Davis Health. A component of this is oversight of how Artificial Intelligence and other advanced analytics are used in clinical settings at UC Davis Health – and embodied through the S.M.A.R.T and S.A.F.E framework developed by UC Davis Health to better evaluate Clinical Artificial Intelligence. 

Paul Pannu
Manager, Research IT Infrastructure


Paul Pannu, M.S. is charged with managing a team of clinical informatics specialists and data systems analysts, focused on provisioning research infrastructure for a wide range of projects. 

Paul is responsible for leading the effort in the design and development of compute resources, ranging from on-prem solutions to cloud computing. The latest technologies and platforms are leveraged based on researchers' needs when it comes to server solutions, statistical analysis tools, and delivering data sets in a secure manner. Paul’s team members consists of subject matter experts of many research tools such as REDCap, Freezerworks, Velos eResearch, DocuSign, and OMOP. In addition, Paul serves as a Data COE representative on the Health Computing Core (HC2) in collaboration with the Health System Infrastructure COE. Some of the services managed in this area include system architecture, systems administration, data migration, network and storage solutions, cloud architecture, and data analytics support.