• Health Computing Core

    Health Computing Core

health computing core
  • We provide sophisticated, secure, and easy-to-use computing environments with which to store and compute upon data. Interested collaborators should request access to our Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) below.
  • Allows for timely, reliable, and a transparent pathway to accelerate innovative research, improve care, and expand our decision making capabilities.
  • HC2 focuses on the use of best practices and standards related to data storage and support of analytical software.
  • Focused on providing tools, models, and environments to democratize access to, protect, enable, and maximize the effective use of data as an institutional asset.
  • Supports requestors in assessing the best pathway for managing their computational needs and connects/liaises with third parties when the computational need exceeds internal capabilities.
  • Informed and enabled clinical workforce prepared and supported to leverage data in practice.

The Health Computing Core includes:



Integrated clinical, financial, and operational data that provides timely information, adds knowledge, and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and patient care.


Transforming data into information that creates knowledge and actionable insights requires analysis and understandingAnalyze, synthesize, and interpret data from patient records, clinical operations, and other sources.


Research data extracts, reports and dashboards, data curation, consultation, and access to data sources and tools.