Effective development and implementation of advanced analytic techniques including artificial intelligence and machine learning require substantial computational resources and careful attention to privacy and security. Effective management of advanced computing resources will allow UCDH to meet clinical, operational, and research analytic needs while ensuring equitable allocation of resources, minimizing costs and security risks, and maximizing return on investment. 


The Advanced Computing Committee (ACC) will oversee the scoping, evaluation, procurement, and management of computing resources necessary to meet the computing/analytics needs of UCDH. Additionally, the ACC will develop institutional best practices, procedures, and policies to govern the use of clinical, operational, and research computing resources.


Like other HDOC subcommittees, the ACC is also charged with the development of sustainable workflows related to project intakeevaluation, and prioritization to ensure the responsible allocation of resources related to advance computing.


Key oversight functions of the ACC include:

  • Oversee the management of the computing resources needed for analytic model development and clinical implementation for research, operational, and quality improvement applications
  • Oversee the development and implementation of policies related to computing access and security 
  • Guide the long-term development of resources needed to support archival data storage and emerging analytic methods, including requests for new infrastructure
  • Coordinate the development of computing resources and utilization workflows between UCDH, the UC Davis main campus, and external partners
  • Function in an interoperable way across all HDOC sub-committees to manage request, authorization, and approval workflows.  Facilitate or participate in holistic HDOC discussions about the Learning Health System and its advancement at UCDH.