Trust in enterprise data is the foundation of the continuously learning health system. Ready access to data will enable clinical and research analytics to generate insights that translate into tangible benefits across the clinical, operational, and research missions of UCDH. Effective management of healthcare data includes understanding the origination and location of the data, controlling how the data can be accessed, creating appropriate permissions to view and utilize the data, and ensuring the security required to protect confidential data.


The Data Access Committee (DAC) will oversee the cataloguing of internally-derived and externally-acquired enterprise data sources, oversee the development/acquisition of new data sources, and ensure the integrity and security of existing data. Additionally, the DAC will develop institutional best practices, procedures, and policies to govern the acquisition of, management of, and access to enterprise data sources.


Like other HDOC subcommittees, the DAC is also charged with the development of sustainable workflows related to project intakeevaluation, and prioritization to ensure the responsible allocation of resources related to data acquisition and access.


Key oversight functions of the DAC include:

  • Oversee the cataloguing of existing enterprise data sources
  • Guide the acquisition and development of new enterprise data sources
  • Develop and maintain polices related to direct access privileges to enterprise data sources
  • Oversee the coordinated development of security policies and procedures related to enterprise data