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    Advanced Computing Committee (ACC)

The Advanced Computing Committee (ACC) is the Health Data Oversight program subcommittee that oversees the scoping, evaluation, procurement, and management of computing resources necessary to meet the computing/analytics needs of UC Davis Health.  In collaboration with the Health Computing Core (HC2), which manages the suite of advanced computing environments, the ACC also establishes best practices and policies for the environments to ensure access, compliance, and responsible use.

The ACC works to ensure adequate computing resources and policies to enable research, innovation, and solutions in support of the clinical strategic plan and organizational vision.

ACE Environments

Frequently Asked Questions

Computing environment requests do not get submitted directly to the ACC. The ACC is the oversight committee for advanced computing environments at UC Davis Health and would handle any escalations from the teams that provision compute environments. 

You can submit a request through ServiceNow using this link: ACE/HC2 Order Guide (Staff Only).  Simply enter the environment type, operating system, software application, and GPU requirement and the team will process your request.

Standard environments can be automatically provisioned in less than 30 minutes, while custom environments can take a few days depending on requirements.

The Advanced Computing Environment (ACE) provides high-end CPU/GPU computing and all-flash storage in a secured, HIPAA-compliant environment. ACE is an offering within the Health Computing Core (HC2) suite of services, and is intended for large data processing operations, research initiatives, software prototyping/development, and industry collaborations.

ACE resources are granted on-demand and are intended as temporary workspaces to accomplish a specific task, after which they are deprecated.

Using the ACE/HC2 Order Guide (Staff Only), you can select a custom environment and include your specific requirements. The technical triage team will evaluate your request and recommend the appropriate environment.

Other computing environments available at UC Davis Health include Databricks on AWS Virtual Environment (DAVE), Epic Cognitive Computing Platform (ECCP) aka Nebula, and AWS HIPAA Landing Zone.

The Health Computing Core (HC2) provides sophisticated, secure, and easy-to-use computing environments with which to store and compute upon data.  This core is a collaborative effort between the IT Data Center of Excellence (DCOE) and IT Infrastructure.  Please visit the Health Computing Core webpage for more information.