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    Request Prioritization Committee (RPC)

The Request Prioritization Committee (RPC) is the Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC) subcommittee that is charged with health data request prioritization, including developing scoring rubrics, evaluating escalation requests, and recommending resources to support data request fulfillment with respect to the missions of UC Davis and UC Davis Health. The RPC works closely with the Data Access and Delivery Team within the IT Data Center of Excellence to ensure clinical, operational, and research data needs are adequately supported.

The RPC builds transparent and equitable processes to support the various data needs across the organization that are foundational to the strategic and innovative goals of UC Davis Health as a world class learning health system.

Considerations Regarding the RPC Escalation
Requesters can request escalation to the RPC after the data fulfillment team communicates the queue position of their request, if they believe there is a mismatch between the urgency and/or impact of the request and the assigned prioritization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the RPC is the oversight committee, requests are not submitted directly to the RPC.  After submitting a Data/Report/Visualization request, the data fulfillment intake team will evaluate and score the request.  Requestors will receive notification of where their request falls in the queue relative to other requests and will be provided with information on how to escalate their request (i.e., for a specific deadline) to raise your position in the queue.

Along with the notification of your position in the queue, the data fulfillment team will include self-service options, if appropriate, as well as information regarding the escalation process. If you would like to escalate your request, contact the Request Prioritization Committee (RPC) Program Manager who will gather any additional information and explain the escalation process.

The Request Prioritization Committee (RPC) Intake Team will gather information from your submission in ServiceNow and additional questions, including your escalation justification.  The request details, along with details of the current data fulfillment queue, are presented to the RPC co-chairs who make a determination on the next steps. Escalation requests can be decided by co-chairs, tiger teams, or the full committee, and the timing varies.  Once a decision is made, you will be promptly notified.

Typically, escalation request decisions are made within 2 weeks of presenting the escalation package (intake form details, additional questions, current data fulfillment queue).  There can be seasonal increases in data/reporting requests and escalations which can cause delays in escalation decisions.  The RPC Intake Team strives to keep requestors aware of any delays in the decision process.

Although the data fulfillment team strives to meet all the needs of the organization, there are times when important requests, even if escalated, cannot be delivered by the stated deadline.  The data fulfillment team can direct you to self-service tools or other resources that may be available to you.  Additionally, they may suggest adjusting the scope of the request in order to receive the minimal necessary data or a partial data set to meet your needs. If you are unable to find a suitable option, feel free to request a consultation to explore other alternatives. 

If your escalation request is denied by the Request Prioritization Committee (RPC), your data/report/visualization request will remain in the data fulfillment queue in the original prioritization and be fulfilled when that prioritization is reached. 

Please contact the RPC Program Manager if you would like to explore the following options:

  • Adjust the scope of the request: Consider if a subset of data, data from another source, or a different type of output can meet your needs in the interim
  • Escalate to the Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC), the parent committee of the Request Prioritization Committee (RPC)