As enterprise wide demand grows for data and reporting, processes must be put in place to evaluate the risk, value, cost, and institutional alignment of both clinical and research requests.  An efficient transparent process of scoring and prioritization provides feedback to the requestors and sets expectations for timing, complexity, and resources.  Scoring and prioritization should be thorough, fair, and appropriately weighted and incorporate values of the various missions across the enterprise, including branding, innovation, financial metrics, improved patient care, advancement of research and operational improvement.


The RPC is charged with health data request prioritization, which may include coordination with other HDOC subcommittees around sharing, access, and computing requests.  The RPC will oversee the development of scoring rubrics, the prioritization of escalated requests (e.g. mismatch of level of effort and/or organizational value), and, when needed, the allocation of resources to enable large scale data request prioritization with respect to the missions of UC Davis and UC Davis Health.  Like other HDOC subcommittees, the RPC is also charged with the development of sustainable workflows related to request intakeevaluation, and prioritization to ensure the appropriate prioritization related to health data and reporting requests.


Key oversight functions of the RPC include:

  • Oversee large scale data request prioritization
  • Develop and implement request scoring rubrics
  • Recommend data-related resource allocation to ensure equitable fulfillment of the clinical, research, and educational missions of UCDH