The Data Access and Delivery Team (DADT) is the customer facing branch of the department and has several core functions:

  1. Data request intake and concierge services,
  2. Domain-agnostic, project specific data asset development,
  3. Provisioning of data sets and reports, and
  4. Facilitating direct access to data through self-service tools (e.g. Epic reporting workbench).

The DADT includes analysts specializing in business intelligence, data quality and documentation, and multiple SQL developers with broad expertise in EHR-derived health data and research data retrieval. Similar to the domain-specific units, members of the DADT are guided by best practices and standard operating procedures set by IT Health Informatics leadership to ensure efficient, high-quality data asset generation and provisioning.


  • Manages intake of data requests, provides request-specific concierge services, and ensures that requests are consistent with existing governance and compliance policies
  • Works with requestors, Data Curation Team leadership, and members of each DSU to determine the feasibility of requests, and identify existing reusable or modifiable data assets
  • Develops new project-specific data assets for requests originating from outside an existing domain-specific unit
  • Maintains a searchable library of existing data assets
  • Manages automated data quality assurance procedures that help to ensure the ongoing accuracy of data assets
  • Works with Compliance, IT Security, and the Epic Applications Team to regulate direct access to data through approved self-service tools such as Reporting Workbench, Slicer-Dicer, OneDrive, and REDCap