SlicerDicer is a self-service reporting tool that provides physicians, department managers, and other users with intuitive and customizable data exploration abilities. Using SlicerDicer, users can find the data they need to investigate a hunch, and then refine their searches on the fly to better understand the data they work with. Right in Hyperspace, they can examine trends, drill down to line-level details, and jump to related records to follow up.*

With SlicerDicer, users can search for free text in lab results, combine similar elements on the fly, and jump into patient charts.* If you're not sure where to start, enter a keyword and select from a list of suggested search criteria. Then, choose a visualization that matches your needs, including vertical and horizontal bar graphs, line graphs, maps, and tree map charts. SlicerDicer can show results using a variety of different measures, including totals, percentages, averages, variance, maximums, and minimums. For more details see the training materials below.

* With appropriate approvals and permissions, you can view patient details and export data in SlicerDicer for Quality Improvement purposes.