Velos eCardio is the third party vendor that assists the UC Davis Health Division of General Thoracic Surgery in its participation in the Society of Thoracic Surgeons National Database. The STS National Database was established in 1989 as an initiative for quality improvement and patient safety in cardiothoracic surgery. The Database has four components, each focusing on a different area of cardiothoracic surgery, including general thoracic surgery. The STS National Database has become the gold standard for clinical registries.  Velos eCardio supports clinical, administrative and outcomes information needs for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery.

BayaTree eCardio captures, reports, tracks and integrates key clinical information such as diagnoses, procedures, Admission/Discharge/Transfers (ADT), medications, labs and notes. It allows physicians to track credible, risk‐adjusted performance indicators. A single, comprehensive patient record is used across all encounters and modalities to reduce data entry and increase accuracy. Multi‐facility security enables healthcare providers with multiple locations to share information and reports in real time. BayaTree eCardio also supports data mining, delivering meaningful outcomes reports to physicians in a timely fashion in support of patient care. Because it enables physicians to take ownership over their own continuous quality improvement, it plays an important role in improving the quality/cost equation for cardiac care.

Velos eResearch is a web-based clinical research management application utilized by the Cancer Center for protocol management and documentation, subject management, patient calendars, regulatory reporting, adverse event management and reporting, data safety monitoring and electronic data capture of case report forms.

  • The Cancer Center offers Velos to its investigators and research teams at UC Davis and network sites, in support of a centralized, comprehensive clinical trials management and reporting system that complies with industry best practices and meets HIPAA security and privacy requirements.
  • Velos is the reporting data source for all cancer-related research reporting to the National Cancer Institute (NCI); and it serves as the data source for the center’s participation in the NCI’s clinical trial reporting program.
  •  Velos also serves as the database for cancer clinical research data analysis, accrual, and other related metrics reporting.

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