Crystal, Web Intelligence

Business Objects Is a suite of front‐end applications that allow business users to view, sort and analyze business intelligence data. Business Objects allows you to transform the data in databases into information that allows you to make better decisions. It will allow you to run pre‐defined reports to extract data from key databases and systems used within the UC Davis many databases.

Clarity Reports are created using an application called Crystal Reports . Crystal allows developers to create complex reports with presentation-quality content that pull from the Clarity database.

Web Intelligence (WebI) is SAP’s self-service tool that allows users to run reports and create dashboards from a universe with with an intuitive interface.

Business Objects Universes

SAP Business Objects supports universes which link data with business logic that allows for more complex analyses in a self-service environment without complex coding. The following universes have been developed to support several business functions.

Imaging Studies

- The Imaging Studies universe contains various dimensions and measures that enable reporting on imaging orders, appointments, procedure logs, results, and procedure information. Imaging department managers use this universe to better understand user productivity, procedure and exam volume, and general system usage statistics. 

UC Davis Health Pharmacy Medication Order Actions

- The Medication Order Actions universe enables reporting for medication dispensing, dispense tracking, and charging.

Patient Referrals

- This universe contains attributes and metrics related to Referrals, E-Consult referrals, and Patient Encounters.

CDW Pharmacy

- universe sources data from the Caboodle Data Warehouse (CDW) and includes: Medication Orders, Medication Administration, Medication Dispense, Medication Events, Encounters.

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