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DocuSign is a software tool that automates electronic signatures and document routing.  For investigator-led research projects and clinical trials, DocuSign can be implemented to streamline, improve, and easily transfer research documents such as protocols, grant administration, informed (electronic) consent, and non-disclosure and data sharing agreements. Wherever eSignatures are approved for use, DocuSign can help.

NOTE: DocuSign is approved for research consent & HIPAA signature only, as well as academic and administrative operational purposes. It is not approved for clinical use.

DocuSign provides full document encryption, a tamper-proof audit trail, redundant and geo-dispersed data centers, and is fully compliant with the ESIGN Act. User's documents are not visible to administrators. Learn more about DocuSign’s security at DocuSign Security & Operations.

Login to DocuSign 

  • Go to the DocuSign Account Login and enter your email address.
  • At the next screen, DO NOT enter a Password and DO NOT click Log In! Instead, select Use Company Login
  • On the next screen, enter your UC Davis campus CAS (Central Authentication Service) credentials and Sign In


How long does DocuSign store my documents?

Envelopes/documents are never removed within DocuSign unless the document retention feature is enabled.  This policy is not enabled in the UCDH instance.


What happens to a user’s data once the user account is closed?

If/when a user leaves the organization or their account is deactivated/closed, their Inbox/Sent/Deleted Items are still preserved within the account and Administrators can still gain access.s are still preserved within the account and Administrators can still gain access.

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