Reporting Workbench is a Business Intelligence tool that Epic has included in their Cogito Analytics module. Reporting Workbench (RWB) reports are reports that display both rows of data, and can also display charts and graphs. RWB reports are also known as ‘My Reports’ as that is how you will find them in Epic’s navigation.

RWB reports can be sorted and filtered by end users. They can be customized and shared with peers as private reports. The records in the report are often patient records that can be acted upon in such ways as jumping into the patient’s chart, sending the patient a MyChart message, or placing a bulk order for selected patients. Find RWB reports you have access to in Hyperspace by navigating to the Analytics Catalog.

RWB reports use Chronicles as their main source of data, which is real time, and these reports are generally best to run for small windows of time (e.g. one month, one week, etc). RWB reports can be built using inclusion criteria that is run against Clarity and Caboodle data sources which allows for more records to be included in the report.

Epic has created many foundation RWB reports that data consumers can review and request be implemented here at UC Davis Health. Find these in Epic’s Report Repository. Note: you must first have an Epic Userweb account to access this catalog.


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