• Computer data lab

    Health Analytics Core

  • The HAC supports projects spanning all missions of the UC Davis Health and may also work collaboratively with industry partners on enterprise-sanctioned initiatives.
  • The Health Analytics Core is organized into project-focused, cross-functional analytics teams composed of lead investigators/project champions, analysts, project managers, data scientists, and biostatisticians.
  • In addition to providing project-specific core services, the HAC works closely with the UC Davis Health Analytics Oversight Committee (AOC) to develop best practices and standard operating procedures to guide the safe, responsible, and effective implementation of analytic models for application in clinical care and clinical research at UC Davis Health.

The Health Analytics Core Provides Three Main Services:


Integrated clinical, financial, and operational data that provides timely information, adds knowledge, and identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and patient care.

Data Collections


Transforming data into information that creates knowledge and actionable insights requires analysis and understandingAnalyze, synthesize, and interpret data from patient records, clinical operations, and other sources.

Data Tools


Research data extracts, reports and dashboards, data curation, consultation, and access to data sources and tools.

Data Services