UC Davis Health’s Data Center of Excellence is a centralized resource for UC Davis staff, faculty and students to understand the available health data and analytics tools and services for support of their clinical, research, educational and administrative efforts.

Discover UC Davis Health data assets and how to use them. 

Learn about clinical, educational, and administrative data assets available for use at UC Davis, including data model definitions, data dictionaries, and comprehensive definitions of available databases. Information and links will be provided on how to gain access for each data asset.  Our Assets include: 

  1. Data Sources
  2. Reports and dashboards
  3. Data Partnerships

View available UC Davis data tools and services. 

The DCOE  lists  tools and services that are available to view, analyze, store, and visualize data. From this central hub, you can read descriptions of the tools and services, request  service and access or a consultation.

Learn about UC Davis Health Data and Analytic initiatives. 

The DCOE serves as a central hub providing information about ongoing data and analytic initiatives across UC Davis. Some items that will be included are: 

  • The Health Analytics Core
  • The Health Computing Core
  • The Data Provisioning Core

Have a data tool or data service that you would like included in the Data Center of Excellence? Please email Tim Obrien.