The Analytics Oversight Committee (AOC) oversees analytic models intended for application in the context of real time or near-real time clinical decision-making and clinical research, including but not limited to those related to digital diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, and clinical decision support. The AOC does not oversee the development of data visualization tools/descriptive analytics lacking complex algorithms, analytics not intended for use in clinical settings, analytics related to non-human subjects research, or analytics focused on non-clinical UC Davis Health operations. 


The AOC reports directly to the Health Data Oversight Committee (HDOC) and is organizationally equivalent to the existing HDOC subcommittees. Close collaboration and regular alignment between the AOC and other HDOC subcommittees is necessary given the diverse resources and expertise required to develop and implement complex analytical models, and the implications regarding data use and knowledge production.


The AOC is charged with delineating institutional best practices, standard operating procedures, and policies related to the development and use of complex analytical models at UC Davis Health. Like other HDOC subcommittees, the AOC is also charged with the development of sustainable workflows related to project intake, evaluation, and prioritization to ensure the responsible allocation of resources related to analytics. ​​​​​​​


Key oversight functions of the AOC include:

  • Code management and documentation practices
  • Algorithm evaluation standards
  • Efficacy, safety and bias assessment