UC Davis Health Information Technology is partnering with clinicians, hospital administrators and staff to quickly respond to the urgent needs for data and analytics around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

UC Health COVID-19 Data Initiative 

University of California Health is distributing daily data updates via its @UofCAHealth Twitter account about SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus COVID-19) testing volume, the number of positive tests and age distribution of confirmed cases gathered from its five medical centers across the state: UC Davis Health, UC San Diego Health, UCI Health, UCLA Health and UCSF Health. The initiative announced can be found here.

The COVID Research Data Set (CORDS) contains clinical records from all UC Health patients that have been tested for COVID-19. The data has been stripped of many identifiers; however, it still constitutes protected health information subject to HIPAA and must be protected as such. This limited dataset may be accessed through UC Davis Health by affiliates for research and public health purposes only. All users must sign a Data Use Agreement before accessing it. IRB review is not required. Office Hours have been modified. Documentation is posted to the GitLab Repository, (*UC Davis account req.) More detail about this limited data set can also be viewed here and here.

UC Health Graph from Twitter

UC Davis Health Reports and Dashboards

At UC Davis Health, COVID-19 analytics are being developed with a variety of tools under various content-specific leadership. For example, there are Epic Reporting Workbench reports and Radar dashboards that provide real-time reporting from within Epic Hyperspace. Tableau dashboards have been curated by IT Health Informatics and other departments against downstream data sources which are less timely but offer a broader or more detailed picture of specialized content areas.

UC Davis Health EMR users can easily access COVID-19 reporting information from the COVID-19 Reporting Dashboard within Hyperspace. In addition to this dashboard, users can find COVID Reporting Workbench reports by applying tags or searching in the My Reports Library. Reports that have been curated by the Data Provisioning Core (DPC) for enterprise use can be found by:

  • Entering “DPC” in the Tags search to bring all COVID-19 reports into view or
  • Entering “DPC” in Library search field to search the library for system reports.

The list of reports is updated regularly as new needs emerge. UC Davis Health staff can email  the EMR Reporting Team about finding Epic reports or Tableau dashboards if needed. Please provide your user account in the email.

Credit: CDC Cornavirus (COVID-19) Image from https://phil.cdc.gov/

COVID-19 Reports and Dashboards

COVID19 Dashboard Sample Screenshot 13April2020

COVID19 Reports and Dashboard Sample 13April2020 Lower half