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Individual Diabetes Education with Registered Nurse

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Registered Nurse/Diabetes Care and Education Specialist to evaluate your specific issues related to diabetes self-management could be your key to success. 

This one-on-one appointment offers you individualized, comprehensive care and assessment. Topics during an appointment may include high or low blood sugars, technology resources, self-monitoring strategies, medication management (including pills or insulin) and other diabetes topics. Additionally, these nurse educators can assist you with coordinating care, physical assessment, identifying barriers to success, and addressing other chronic conditions.

This program is available to UC Davis Health patients at many of our neighborhood clinics in the greater Sacramento region and through video visits.

Video visits: Connect with your care team via MyUCDavisHealth

This class is available to UC Davis Health members only.

Information and registration

Phone: 916-946-1449
Email: hs-healtheducationclass@ucdavis.edu
Self enrollment: MyUCDavisHealth Sign In > Make an Appointment > Health and Wellness Classes.