Maggie A. Kuhn, M.D., M.A.S. for UC Davis Health

Maggie A. Kuhn, M.D., M.A.S.

Associate Professor

To see if Maggie A. Kuhn is accepting new patients, or for assistance finding a UC Davis doctor, please call 800-2-UCDAVIS (800-282-3284).



Otolaryngology (ENT/Ears, Nose, Throat)




Locations and Contact

Otolaryngology Speech Audio Clinic

2521 Stockton Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95817

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Physician Referrals

800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Clinical Interests

In the division of Laryngology and Bronchoesophagology, Dr. Kuhn treats patients with complex voice, swallowing and airway disorders across the lifespan. The center boasts a multidisciplinary team that incorporates cutting-edge diagnostics, contemporary therapies and innovative office-based procedures to offer comprehensive care to patients.

Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Kuhn is a graduate of the mentored clinical research program sponsored by the Clinical and Translation Science Center. Her clinical and translational research focus is on animal models, developing novel therapeutics and measuring clinical outcomes, specifically those of head & neck cancer survivors.


Head and Neck Surgery

Center/Program Affiliation

UC Davis Medical Group

Undergraduate School

B.A., University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA 2002

Medical School

M.D., New York University School of Medicine, New York NY 2007

Other School

M.A.S., UC Davis, Davis CA 2014


Otolaryngology, New York University Medical Center, New York NY 2007-2012


Laryngology & Bronchoesophagology, UC Davis Medical Center, Sacramento CA 2012-2014

Faculty Teaching Award, UCD Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, 2018

Sacramento Magazine's Top Doctors, 2017

Most Clinical Relevance Award, Bay Area Resident Research Symposium, 2017

GME High Value Competition, UC Davis School of Medicine, 2016

First Prize Scientific Poster Award, American Broncho-Esophagological Association, Boston MA, 2015

First Prize Scientific Presentation Award, Dysphagia Research Society, Nashville TN, 2014

Virginia Perry Wislon Endowment Award for Interdepartmental Events, Funded One Health Integrated Aerodigestive Tract Team Symposium, UC Davis Medical Center & School of Veterinary Medicine, 2013

First Prize Proffered Paper, NY H&N Society, 2011

Dennis G. Pappas Resident Research Award, NYU, 2010

Alpha Omega Alpha, NYU, 2006

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