Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Videos | UC Davis MIND Institute

Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disabilities

UC Davis MIND Institute videos and audio are now exclusively available on YouTube. You can go directly to our YouTube Channel or click on the playlist for each year or the presenters picture below to link to the YouTube video of the presentation.

These webcasts are intended for personal, non-commercial, educational use.  Please do not re-broadcast, re-encode, or otherwise distribute these webcasts without prior written permission from the UC Davis MIND Institute.

The language we use to talk about autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities changes over time. The MIND Institute wants to make sure that the voices of people with developmental disabilities are respected, represented, and heard in all aspects of our work.

To be as respectful and inclusive as possible, we continue to review and update the language used in old and new written material and videos. We do this with help from people with varying identities, including developmental disabilities, races, ethnicities, and genders. However, some older material, or material from other agencies or people, may contain language that is not preferred or is not appropriate. We continue to review and update our use of language so that it is respectful, accessible, and inclusive.