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Resources for Journalists

Media parking at UC Davis Health

Where to park

Representatives of the news media conducting business at UC Davis Health facilities may park in areas designated as public or visitor parking. They also can park in areas designated for vehicles with “B” or “D” permits. Journalists are not charged for parking as long as they provide a business card or media “press pass” to a parking attendant (in specific parking structures) or display it on their vehicle’s dashboard in non-attended lots.

Where NOT to park

Media representatives may not park in areas reserved for specific faculty or staff or affiliates of UC Davis, such as vendors, emergency responders or law enforcement.

Media should not park in areas marked:

  • No Parking
  • Patient Pick-Up and Drop Off
  • Loading Zone
  • Courier Parking
  • Do Not Cross
  • Areas restricted by Parking and Transportation Services
  • Areas restricted by the UC Davis Police Department

See instructions on what to do if you receive a citation

Special circumstances

In circumstances where numerous media representatives are at health system facilities, the Office of Public Affairs and Marketing will designate media parking areas.

Please contact Public Affairs and Marketing at 916-734-9040 or