People who have had amputations confront many challenges that can affect their ability to live healthy independent lives. The Adult Amputee Clinic at the UC Davis Medical Center is designed to help individuals with amputations and their families meet the challenges they face and to assist them in maintaining an independent and healthy lifestyle. The Adult Amputee Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic attended by faculty and prosthetic consultants from the community.

Clinic Staff

Our staff includes physiatrists (a doctor who specialized in rehabilitation medicine), a team of resident physiatrists, physical therapists, nurses, psychiatrists, prosthetists and orthotists who have had experience working in rehabilitation and are prepared to meet the individual needs of the amputee patients.These people will work with the patient and their family at different levels of their rehabilitation stages.Our staff's goal is to help the patient achieve their optimum level of physical capacity.

What to Expect

Rehabilitation begins as soon as the patient undergoes an amputation. Our staff will educate the patient on what to expect in terms of pain, recovery, rehabilitation and their expected functional status. Preventive measures are taken against contractures and deconditioning and edema control immediately following the operative procedure. Our clinic will also assign a physical therapist and/or occupational therapist to the patient soon thereafter. When the limb is healed a prosthetist will work with the patient to obtain an optimum prosthetic fit as well as proper training with their new prosthetic device.

Inpatient / Outpatient Services

Individuals who require acute postoperative rehabilitation may be admitted to the UC Davis Medical Center for comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation. The clinic staff works closely with the patient after they have been discharged from the hospital to ensure that they reach their optimum level of physical capacity.

Contact and Referral Information

Health care professionals who wish to refer a patient to the UC Davis Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic should call 800-4-UCDAVIS or 800-482-3284. Patients who would like more information about the clinic should call 916-734-7041.