The geographical area served by a cancer center designated “comprehensive” by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is referred to as its “catchment area.” The UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center has one of the largest and most ethnically diverse catchment areas in the country. Catchment Area: 19 counties The cultural makeup of the catchment area is a critical element of the mission of the cancer center and is fundamentally important in maintaining its “comprehensive” cancer center status.

Defining features of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center catchment area include:

Catchment Area: 19 counties
  • Minority-majority population — percentage of Asian American and Pacific Islanders (API) is twice the national catchment area average
  • 37% speak a language other than English at home
  • 30% of the people are Latino; 14% Asian and Pacific Islanders; 8% African American; and 3% Native American
  • Geographically, 42% of area is non-metropolitan and makes up 28% of the state’s farmland
  • 16% of residents live below the federal poverty level
  • Higher mortality than the U.S. overall in prostate, breast, ovarian, liver and bile, colon and rectal cancers
  • Compared to the 2010 Census, the percent of those ages 65 and older increased by 51%