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Gratitude Works, Practice It

Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences and Chief Executive Officer for UC Davis Health, David Lubarsky, M.D., MBA, shares his insights on gratitude ahead of the holiday season.

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LGBT history month, from the Chancellor's Committee on LGBTQIA+ Communities

In honor of LGBT History month and National Coming out day (October 11th) the Chancellor's Committee on LGBTQIA+ Communities reflects on the history of the committee featuring Q&A with Mark Grote.

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Wellness Wednesday

This week we ask you to devote one minute to your well-being! Choose from the meditation and breathing exercises curated by Neesha Patel, Ph.D. for our campus communities during the, often hectic, month of October.

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DiversABILITY and Inclusion

Ahead of Disability Employment Awareness Month in October, Carolyn Ramirez offers tips on how to create an inclusive environment in a virtual setting.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Learn about the history behind Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 - Oct. 15, 2021), one writer's thoughts on re-branding the month, and more.

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Becoming an Age-Friendly institution - Advancing Age and the Social Determinants of Health

It has been incredibly rewarding to return to clinical practice and work to support family caregivers in the important role they play in the care of frail older adults.

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Gen-Flexing: Valuing multi-generations in the workplace

Smartphones, TikTok, gender-neutral pronouns…These cultural events and phenomena capture the zeitgeist of different generations of the American consciousness.

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Health Equity Academy - Leaders for Tomorrow’s Healthcare (HEALTH)

The UC Davis School of Medicine Office of Student and Resident Diversity is no stranger to conducting outreach and recruitment locally and nationally.

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End of Year Overview and What's Next for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Associate Vice Chancellor of the Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Hendry Ton, M.D., MS, offers updates and reflections from the past academic year and what we can expect next.

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