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Greening and Health

  • Green Prescription - A Study of Tree Cover and Health

    Desiree Backman, chief of 3PG, was part of the research team for an innovative study examining the relationship between tree cover and overall health. Mediation effects were identified through common chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and asthma. The findings of this research were published in Health & Place.

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  • Addressing Greening and Health Policy and Practice

    CHPR published an evidence-based report entitled, Planning Healthy Aging Communities. In it, Drs. Backman and Kohatsu described the importance of greening and health in the context of healthy aging.

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  • Five children holding dirt and sprouts in their hands, in a circle.

    Green Prescription

    In this PowerPoint presentation for a UC Davis graduate student audience, we provide a case study of the green prescription, in practice.