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System Change Tools
  • Tobacco Cessation Change Package

    The Tobacco Cessation Change Package (TCCP) is a quality improvement guide produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It was created to help healthcare professionals improve tobacco cessation for their patients through the use of system-based strategies.
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  • Tobacco Cessation Overviews

    These overviews by Rigotti (2022) and Pipe (2022) describe best practices for tobacco cessation at the patient and system levels.

  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement Resources

    The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) is one of the premier quality improvement organizations in the country. IHI has made a number of resources publicly available. The QI module, "How to Improve," will be useful to ATCP-funded clinics. 

Patient Counseling Tools
  • Kick It California (KIC)

    This is a world-renowned program that can help your patients quit smoking, vaping, and smokeless tobacco for good. KIC is free. Have your patients call, text, or fill out a web form at: 

  • Which Medicine is Right for You

    This patient resource provides information on each of the common smoking cessation medications, including pros and cons, that can be used in selecting the most appropriate medication.
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  • How to Use Quit Smoking Medicines

    This patient resource explains how to use each of the common smoking cessation medications. The directions should be understandable for most patients.

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