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Health System Transformation

  • Catalyzing Change - DHCS Quality Strategy

    3PG principals spearheaded the development of the first comprehensive, cross-department quality strategy for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). Details of this quality improvement journey are highlighted in the paper published in the American Journal of Medical Quality. 

  • Quality Improvement at the System Level

    3PG leadership worked with nine Medi-Cal health plans using quality strategies to significantly improve hypertension control metrics in the span of a year. The work was documented in a paper published in Preventing Chronic Disease.

  • Advancing Prevention and Population Health in Health Care

    Because of the importance of prevention to advancing population health, 3PG principals undertook the first comprehensive examination of the depth and breadth of health promotion interventions employed by Medi-Cal health plans. The findings of this exploratory study were published in Preventing Chronic Disease.