No single department or person is responsible for building a culture of compliance, but rather it is the responsibility of every member of the institution. The general compliance program exists to provide support and guidance to the UC Davis Health community and to meet the evolving compliance needs of the institution. The program has been developed in the context of our core teaching, research, patient care, and public service missions.

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An effective compliance program is a critical step in preventing instances of non-compliance, but it also increases the likelihood of identifying and correcting such activities. The Compliance Department promotes the effectiveness of the compliance program by providing workforce members with compliance education, timely responses to compliance issues and effective lines of communication for good faith reporting of compliance concerns. Not only does the general compliance program assist UC Davis Health in fulfilling its institutional mission, but the specific purposes of the program are to:

  • Maintain and enhance quality of care;
  • Demonstrate sincere, ongoing efforts to comply with all applicable laws;
  • Revise and clarify current policies and procedures in order to enhance compliance;
  • Enhance communications with governmental entities with respect to compliance activities;
  • Empower all responsible parties to prevent, detect, and resolve conduct that does not conform with applicable laws, regulations, and the program; and
  • Establish mechanisms for employees to raise concerns about compliance issues and ensure that those concerns are appropriately addressed.