Myka, Asher, Elliotte, Boucher triplets

Patient Stories

Myka, Asher, Elliotte, Boucher triplets

The Boucher triplets story

When local mom Amanda discovered she was pregnant with triplets, she turned to the best high-risk obstetrics doctors who safely delivered them during a global pandemic.

Patient, Greg

Greg’s story

When Greg’s biggest challenge went from winning triathlons to trying to make it through the day, he turned to orthopedic surgeons that helped him get back on his feet.

Patient, Gianna

Gianna’s story

An extraordinary procedure led Gianna to become one of the youngest patients to ever receive cochlear implants. The science that led to the very first sound she ever heard.

Dr. Bob Kiaii, chief of the Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery

Dr. Bob Kiaii’s story

As a heart surgeon, Dr. Kiaii has achieved international firsts in minimally invasive robotic surgery that helped patients get back on their feet faster. Giving our region more options for life-saving surgery.

Executive Chef Santana Diaz

Executive Chef Santana Diaz’s story

With world-class chef Santana Diaz at the helm, UC Davis Health has become one of Sacramento’s largest farm-to-fork production kitchens that has transformed standard hospital food into sustainable, healthy eating.

Patient Lizzy floating in a pool

Additional patient stories

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