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The Good Food is Good Medicine Blog offers you ideas of how to maintain good health while also supporting Northern California farmers and ranchers through sustainable ingredients as part of the farm-to-fork iniatitive.

This blog will explore topics ranging from food recommendations based on health conditions to seasonal cooking ideas to the latest health fads (and whether they're actually good for you). We hope you enjoy!

Older woman smiling and eating a salad

How to Eat Healthy As You Age

Dietitian dishes on eating and exercising as we get older.

Pregnant woman holdering her stomach laying on a couch

Foods to Eat, Avoid During Pregnancy

Expecting moms and their growing babies need plenty of nutrients.

Plates of food ready to be served in hospital kitchen

Hospital Rolls Out Tasty New Menu

Taste delicious food locally sourced from around the region.

Dr. Yvonne Wan surrounded by her tea collection

New Research on Health Benefits of Tea

Tea may be good for your overall health and your waistline.

Salmon fillet on a wooden board covered in herbs and garlic

Your Guide to Healthy Seafood Habits

Get the most seafood health benefits while avoiding the risks.

Boy in green shirt moving his lunch tray on the cafeteria counter

School Lunches and Your Kid's Health

School meals may be a bigger part of your child's diet than you think.

Woman's hand grabbing fruit juice box from shelf

It's a Gut Feeling: Tips for Good Gut Health

Keep your gut happy and healthy with these tricks for good eating.

Woman's hand grabbing fruit juice box from shelf

Is Fruit Juice Bad For You, Your Kids?

The fruit juices we love may be more harmful than we think.

Hamburgers being grilled on an outdoor barbecue

9 Tips for Safe Summer Grilling

Keep your family and friends safe and healthy at your summer BBQ.

Polenta, beet puree, roasted delicata and red kuri squash on a white plate

Chef Cooks Up Stunning Food Photos

These Instagram photos of our hospital food will make you hungry.

Meatless burger with lettuce and tomato

Meatless Burgers: Healthier or Hype?

You can take red meat out of a burger but it may not be healthier.

Elementary school students holding up veggies at the state Capitol

Teaching Kids About Healthy Meals

Dietetic interns taught students about eating healthy this summer.

Cherry and corn salad in a wooden bowl

Helpful Diet Tips for Cancer Survivors

Plant-based diets are great for cancer survivors and all of us.

Smoked sturgeon being plated on large white plates

Cooking for Thousands is No Easy Task

It takes a lot of work to plan and cook massive farm-to-fork meals.

Smoked sturgeon and polenta in serving trays being given to employees

Feeding 7,000 with Sustainable Foods

Our staff appreciation event featured ingredients from local farms.

Healthy meal on a white plate with water and apple cide in champagne flutes

Celebrating New Moms with Tasty Meals

These healthy meals are uniquely made for moms after giving birth.

Fresh leafy greens on a table at the farmers market

Shop Local and Fresh This Summer

The Farmers Market at UC Davis Health has returned.

Organic foods sign and organic produce in grocery story

Are Organic Foods Really Healthier?

Two pediatricians tackle the increasingly popular food trend.

Celery and celery juice on a table

Celery Juice: Are the Benefits Real?

The popular health craze has some calling foul.

Variety of fruits and vegetables on a table

Cancer Dietitian's Guide to Eating Right

Nutrition can be confusing, especially during cancer treatment.

Purple and yellow beets with green stems

Top 15 Foods You Should Be Eating

Power your body with tasty and healthy food options.

Yogurt and cottage cheese in bowls on a table

Cottage Cheese vs. Yogurt

The often unfavorable dairy product may be making a comback.

UC Davis Health chef stirring paella ingredients in a large pan

UC Davis Health Wins National Award

We're proud to be a James Beard Smart Catch Leader.

Vegetarian burger on a white plate

Emerging as a Farm-To-Fork Leader

We're changing hospital food with local and fresh ingredients.