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The Good Food Is Good Medicine Blog offers you ideas of how to maintain good health while also supporting Northern California farmers and ranchers through sustainable ingredients as part of the farm-to-fork iniatitive.

This blog will explore topics ranging from food recommendations based on health conditions to seasonal cooking ideas to the latest health fads (and whether they're actually good for you). We hope you enjoy!

santana walking with farmer in field

Chef Diaz on Farm-To-Fork's Importance At Our Hospital

Executive Chef Santana Diaz discusses why buying local helps everyone.

worker cutting avocados

How Farm-to-Fork Has Proven Beneficial Amid COVID-19

Our hospital kitchen staff has proven a local food procurement model works.

boy refusing to eat vegetables

Picky Eating and How Parents Can Help

Find out what might be causing your child to be a picky eater.

Father and son meal prepping

Meal Planning, Shopping and More During COVID-19

These healthy eating tips will help you stay on track amid the pandemic.

Grocery store

How to Safely Grocery Shop During COVID-19

UC Davis food virologist gives you tips to stay healthy at the store.

Family of 4 eating dinner

3 Ways Food Can Help Your Mental Health

Many of us are stressed and struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chef Santana Diaz making a salad

Chef Diaz Stars in Series with Top Sacramento Chefs

Our kitchen continues to support local during COVID-19 pandemic.

woman's hand reaching for snacks while on computer

How to Snack Smart During COVID-19 Quarantine

Don't let yourself fall into the habit of mindless eating.

woman grabbing bag through takeout window

Eating Takeout Amid COVID-19: Is It Safe?

UC Davis expert dispells rumors about getting food to go.

dietitians holding healthy food

6 Awesome Nutrition Tips We All Can Use

Our dietitians share their tips for National Nutrition Month.

employee holding up large slice of fish

Café Earns Prestigious Award for 2nd Year

We're the only hospital in US with James Beard Foundation designation.

woman's hand holding a heart-shaped chocolate

Chocolate Fact vs. Fiction

Is chocolate healthy? Is white chocolate not actually chocolate?

Woman holding up her hands in the shape of a heart

5 Steps to Keep Your Heart Healthy

A few simple nutrition tips can keep your heart healthy and strong.

fish, nuts and avocado on a table

5 Immune Boosters to Fight Off Sickness

Staying healthy during flu season can be tricky, but these can help.

bacon, eggs, avocado and cheese on a plate

Diet Trends of 2020: Claims vs. Reality

New diet trends are popping up all the time, but are they right for you?

Man's hand refusing a beer

5 health benefits of Dry January

Ditching alcohol to start 2020 can allow for a health reset.

Fruit, veggeis, hand weights and bottled water

How to set realistic eating resolutions

Our dietitian shares 5 steps to keep your New Year's goals.

Christmas dinner on a table

Tips to keep your heart healthy this holiday

Don't leave your heart health behind amid the hustle and bustle.

Christmas cookied decorated with frosting

Say no to raw cookie dough this holiday

It's not just uncooked eggs you need to be aware of in cookie dough.

Chicken and veggies on a plate

Hospital ranks with 2 Sacramento eateries

UC Davis Health's food makes national Good Food 100 Restaurants list.

Spread of food for Thanksgiving dinner

8 easy tips for healthy holiday eating

No one wants the gift of extra pounds this holiday season.

Oddly shaped produce

Why 'ugly produce' may be a good option

Food delivery services are selling boxes of oddly shaped produce.

Cups of coffee on a table

Does decaf coffee actually have caffeine?

UC Davis Health specialist explains it all in a SELF magazine article.