CHPR receives five-year renewal as an Organized Research Unit at UC Davis


UC Davis has renewed the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research’s (CHPR) designation as a campus Organized Research Unit (ORU) for another five years. This remarkable recognition is currently awarded to only seven centers at UC Davis. 

Center for Healthcare Policy and Research

ORUs are special entities under the UC Davis Office of Research. They are established to run collaborative and multidisciplinary research programs that complement the campus’ academic goals. 

A core purpose of an ORU is to foster research that crosses boundaries among disciplines and departments that cannot readily be done within the administrative structure of a single department or unit. ORUs also have other academic functions, including organizing educational conferences and meetings and supporting graduate students and other trainees. 

About CHPR

Established in 1994, the CHPR facilitates research, promotes education and informs policy about health and health care. 

“This renewal was a collective accomplishment, reflecting countless hours of hard and high-quality work contributed by so many of our faculty and staff over time. I am so grateful for their efforts and deeply proud of the Center for reaching this milestone,” said Anthony Jerant, professor and chair of family medicine and interim director of the CHPR.   

Between 2017 and 2021, CHPR supported grant and contract proposal submissions of over $142 million. This resulted in more than $29 million in awarded funding. Recently, a team of center investigators were awarded $7.5 million from the California Department of Public Health to conduct the Healthy Living Clinic Initiative (HCLI). 

CHPR also supports research and systematic evidence reviews addressing a range of topics and issues. Current research projects include improving aspects of health care quality such as mental health care, preventative care, opioid prescribing, and treatment of patients with substance use disorder. Other CHPR core projects relate to patient safety and tobacco control policy and cessation

Additionally, for over 15 years, CHPR faculty and staff have been analyzing the medical effectiveness of medical processes and interventions, their public health impacts, and their utilization costs for the California State Legislature through the California Health Benefits Review Program

Organized Research Unit at UC Davis

Every five years, ORUs undergo an extensive, multi-faceted review process to evaluate their performance. The process involves internal and external review, resulting in a report with recommendations to the Chancellor. The Chancellor then decides whether to extend ORU status. 

“We are very pleased the CHPR’s recent review was quite favorable, generating a recommendation to renew its ORU status,” said Prasant Mohapatra, vice-chancellor for research at UC Davis. “Research at CHPR provides valuable insight to guide much needed improvements in health care.” 

In maintaining this status, CHPR will continue to receive financial and other vital forms of support from the Office of Research. These resources are critical in helping the Center pursue its mission and to continue to grow.