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Committed to the advancement of medical knowledge and nurturing.

Dr. Neal Mineyev in the operating room performing a living donor kidney transplant surgery, working with the recipient patient.

A Message from the Vice Chair for Research

The Department of Internal Medicine is committed to the advancement of medical knowledge and nurturing the next generation of investigators. Our research mission focuses on two important objectives.

  • The keen desire to participate in medical discoveries on a significant scale; and
  • The critical need to train the next generation of scientists who will contribute to those breakthroughs.

Our unique research portfolio emphasizes the integration of physician educators in research to develop superior practitioners, directly translating into excellent patient care. The Internal Medicine Research Committee guides research initiatives and foster new initiatives that shape our research direction. The Research Administration and Support (RAS) team is dedicated to facilitating research program development. Serving as a resource hub, RAS supports investigators in grant applications, nurturing success at every research stage.

Our commitment to research excellence is evident in our annual Academic Forum and Research Symposium as well as other research focused events. We acknowledge and celebrate outstanding contribution to research and foster collaborations. Through our awards and networking, we aim to create a vibrant research community propelling our department to new heights.

Valentina Medici, M.D.
Professor and Vice Chair for Research

Vice Chair for Research
  • Valentina Medici, M.D., M.A.S., F.A.A.S.L.D.

    Vice Chair for Research

    CTSC TL1 Program PI/Director


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