UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine Message from the Chair

A Message the Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine

The mission of the UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine is simple: excellence in care, research and education.

This commitment is precisely what you would expect from the largest clinical team at UC Davis Health, an academic health-care powerhouse known for seamlessly blending high-quality medical treatment with cutting-edge investigations and superior physician training.

The human side of health

Internal Medicine faculty and staff diagnose and care for patients with any disease — common or rare — in settings that range from doctor’s offices to emergency rooms to hospital beds to nursing homes. We are the hub at the center of the complex wheel that encompasses quality medical care throughout adulthood. We are leaders in an approach to care that never sacrifices the human side of health for a technological one, and that always links emotional support with medical expertise.

The super sleuths of medicine

In addition to being generalists, our faculty is distinguished by expertise in diverse specialties and in the diagnosis and management of complex, often difficult-to-treat diseases, including asthma, diabetes, arrhythmia, leukemia, AIDS and arthritis. The UC Davis internal medicine team takes pride in putting patients and their families first, offering guidance and options, and integrating specialty care as needed.

Fueled by innovation and a dedication to teaching

In addition to being master clinicians, our team is deeply involved in scientific breakthroughs and new models of clinical care that help make the lives of patients easier. In labs throughout UC Davis, we are finding new ways to diagnose and treat illness. And we are leaders in sharing those breakthroughs in classrooms that are shaping the physicians of tomorrow.

Internal Medicine was at the forefront of launching the health system and is a prime force in sustaining it as the world-class institution that it has become. At the center of our passion and energy is our patients. We respect the trust they place in us, and we are honored to serve them.

Chair of Internal Medicine
  • Timothy E. Albertson, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D.

    Chair, Department of Internal Medicine
    Professor, Department of Internal Medicine

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