Research and Programs

Research at UC Davis School of Medicine

Research at the School of Medicine

UC Davis Health is comprised of four entities - the School of Medicine, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, the Medical Center and the Practice Management Group- that share a common commitment to discovering and sharing knowledge to improve human health. The UC Davis School of Medicine (SOM) is part of this comprehensive academic health system that excels at translating scientific discoveries and new technology into improved patient care and community-wide health.

UC Davis School of Medicine maintains an impressive research funding portfolio with approximately 1,041 active awards totaling more than $300 million, of which $178.3 million come from the National Institute of Health (NIH).

In 2019, Blue Ridge Institute ranked UC Davis School of Medicine among the Top 20% NIH-funded schools in the nation with 10 departments ranking in Top 20 in their field in terms of NIH research funding.

Research Opportunities

The SOM offers many research opportunities for medical students, graduate students, and faculty. Through its combined M.D.-Ph.D. program, it trains the next generation of physician-scientists to conduct high-impact research and translate discoveries into better clinical care.

Faculty members and students lead a wide range of research projects and research training programs, ranging from translational sciences, to clinical trials of promising new therapies and diagnostics, to studies of health care policy, finance and delivery systems that impact policy and the health of populations and communities.

Researchers at SOM specialize in a wide range of basic and applied research including those related to neuroscience, environmental health, cancer biology, regenerative medicine, and biomedical technology.

Research Collaborations and Interdisciplinary Research

School of Medicine researchers are engaged in innovative collaborations within the UC Davis community and with other national and international research entities.

Major research programs at UC Davis involve collaborating scientists across various departments on both Davis and Sacramento campuses. Some of these programs include the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center, the Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Center for Neuroscience, the MIND Institute, the Alzheimer’s Disease Center, the Center for Comparative Medicine, the Stem Cell Program, the Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, the Center for Health and Technology, the Center for Precision Medicine, and the California National Primate Research Center. Other major programs include human genetics, genomics, pharmacogenomics and membrane biology.

We also collaborate with several affiliated research institutions, such as the Shriner's Hospital for Children, Veterans Affairs (VA) Health System, USDA Western Human Nutrition Research Center and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

UC Davis School of Medicine boasts a vibrant national and international research collaborations spanning more than 500 organizations. These collaborations promote greater impact and better understanding of key health issues shaping our world.

research collaborations

Caption: Recent research collobrations between UC Davis School of Medicine and researchers around the world.

Research Support

Researchers at the SOM are supported in many ways to carry their cutting-edge work.  SOM’s Office of Research provides services to researchers interested in submitting for research and training grants through their grants facilitation unit. The office also oversees the allocation and safety of research laboratory space for School of Medicine’s researchers on both Sacramento and Davis campuses.