The Deep Brain Stimulation Program at UC Davis currently implants the Medtronic Activa DBS system. Below are several videos offering information about the Medtronic Activa device and Deep Brain Stimulation therapy. We've also included some additional videos that our patients may find helpful.

Click on the "Play" arrow in the center of the image to start the video. To view in full screen, click on the box that appears in the bottom right corner after the video starts playing. Click on the box again or use the Escape key on your keyboard to return to the small video window.


Parkinson's Treatment Options


What Is DBS Therapy?


Benefits and Safety of DBS for Parkinson's


The Right Time for DBS: Parkinson's Treatment


DBS Implant: What to Expect


Starting DBS Therapy for Parkinson's


Meditation & Relaxation Exercises for PD & Essential Tremor


PANC - I Am More Than Parkinson's



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