Welcome to the world – peregrine falcon eggs begin to hatch


For fans eagerly anticipating the hatching of UC Davis Medical Center's peregrine falcon eggs, the wait is over. The first fluffy white hatchling of the new season is slowly waking to a whole new world. The mother peregrine is currently nestled atop the others as she waits for them to hatch over the next couple of days.

Mother falcon checking on her eggs
The mother peregrine falcon stands over her new hatchlings.

Inside the slowly hatching eggs, the chicks have begun vocalizing and pecking to work their way out. The mother sitting on the eggs can hear the chirping and feel the vibration and so she has begun to do a lot of shuffling, getting up and looking down at the eggs more often.

After the eggs are done hatching, the chicks will need to be kept warm since they can’t regulate their own temperature for the first week or so. This may look similar to the incubation period, but the mom will be sitting up higher and may hold her wings out from her body more than we see during incubation.

Stay tuned to the video livestream to keep up with the peregrines and enjoy watching the eggs hatch!