UC Davis patient photo included in Children’s Hospital Association photo collection


They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Any doubters can take a look at the photo of beaming 2-year-old Ellie Hipwell running into the arms of her father, Matthew Hipwell, a pediatric nurse at the UC Davis Children’s Surgery Center. The moment was captured by UC Davis Health photographer Wayne Tilcock. Hipwell’s co-workers saved Ellie’s life after RSV exposed a life-threatening heart defect, which required heart surgery.

Man in nurse uniform holds arms out and toddler girl with pigtails runs toward him smiling.
This photo featuring pediatric surgery nurse Matthew Hipwell and his daughter Ellie is included in Children’s Hospital Association’s 2024 photo collection.

This photo titled “In Good Hands” is part of the Children’s Hospital Association’s new photo collection, which was unveiled this month. The photo currently lives on the CHA.org home page through the end of January and will be highlighted on its social media channels.

The Children’s Hospital Association asked for photo submissions from its 222 member children’s hospitals last fall to help them tell the story of children’s hospitals and health systems nationwide.

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