The Resident Research training is an ongoing, multiyear program for supporting resident research extending from the first year through the fifth. The goal of this program is to allow every resident to successfully engage in research that is important to them personally and to see if through to publications and presentations. 

There are multiple components to research training: 

  • Resident research seminar 
  • Individual project mentoring 
  • Department-level research mentoring and guidance for each resident 
  • Focused guidance for each resident starting in 2nd year through 5th year
  • Funded research year for Research-Track 

Monthly Resident Research Seminar

  • Year Beginning: overview lectures on research capabilities and approaches

  • Digestible research skills and opportunities training at each session

  • Work in Progress Sessions: constructive, supportive, practical, pleasant

  • Presentation Refinement Sessions:

    • For improvement of Graduation Requirement talks and other presentations

    • Constructive critiques by fellow residents and by attendings

Past Research-Track resident work 

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