Angels Camp, CA      

Scholarly interests          
Congenital hand differences, biologics, medical education and resident training    

Hobbies or interests      
Running, skiing, hiking, walking my dog, backpacking, watching basketball and soccer, drinking craft beer, reading, playing piano and violin        

Favorite thing to do in the Sacramento area?     
Running on the American River Trail, checking out breweries with my dog and co-residents, hiking and skiing in the Tahoe basin         

Why UC Davis Orthopaedic Surgery?      
I chose UC Davis because of the people. As a medical student, I saw the support and close relationships amongst not only the residents but also the faculty. I also chose UC Davis for the well-rounded surgical training. From the robust adult and pediatric trauma experience to the oncology experience only seen at quaternary care centers, I felt confident that I would be well prepared for fellowship and my career.         

Fun fact about you?       
I just got a stand-up paddle board!