Comprehensive Care Timeline

Birth-2 weeks old

  • Feeding evaluation with a pediatric nurse practitioner or speech-language pathologist


 4-12 weeks old

  • Clinic visit with cleft/craniofacial surgeon; consideration of cleft lip taping
  • Orthodontic visit for pre-surgical molding device, if needed


Weekly Clinic Visits for 2-3 months

  • Clinic visit to adjust Nasal Alveolar Molding (NAM)
  • Clinic visit for feeding follow up and weight checks


The First Year

  • Cleft lip closure 3-5 months
  • Speech and behavioral audiogram at approximately 8 months of age
  • Cleft palate closure 10-14 months, depending upon development and airway
  • Ear tubes may be placed at during cleft lip or palate surgeries
  • First panel appointment


2-5 years

  • Clinic visits to cleft/craniofacial surgeon at least once a year
  • Speech evaluation every 6 months until normal development is established
  • Annual hearing tests, more often if ear tubes are placed
  • First dental evaluation at 12-18 months
  • Cleft/Craniofacial Team Panel visit


School age years

  • Annual clinic visits to cleft/craniofacial surgeon
  • Speech therapy, if needed
  • Nasopharyngoscopy work up, if needed
  • Secondary palate surgery, if needed
  • Annual hearing tests
  • Phase I Orthodontics 7-9 years, if needed for alveolar bone graft surgery
  • Alveolar bone grafting surgery at 8-12 years, if gumline was effected by clefting
  • Cleft/Craniofacial Team Panel visit


Adolescent years

  • Cleft/Craniofacial Team visit
  • Phase II Orthodontics
  • Cleft lip scar revision, rhinoplasty, if nose was effected by clefting
  • Jaw advancement surgery, if needed for best jaw relationship for chewing, speech and facial profile

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