general dentistryGeneral dentistry refers to routine examination and care of the patient. Our Dental team provides the following treatment services: 

At your first visit the dentist will perform a comprehensive examination. This will include the following: medical history review, examination of extraoral structures, oral cancer screening, examination of the teeth and gums, radiographic assessment of the teeth and supporting bony structures. Only the minimum needed radiographs will be taken and if you have a recent set from a previous office you are welcome to bring them.

Fillings are placed when a tooth has decayed.  After removing the damaged portion of the tooth, a filling is placed to restore the tooth to it’s original form and function. We offer composite resin (white) fillings, amalgam fillings and glass ionomer fillings.

A crown is recommended when a filling can no longer restore a tooth to it’s original form and function. They are generally recommended when the size of the filling needed to restore the tooth is simply too large. You dentist may also discuss crowns when fractures are noticed in the teeth. This may be done in a preventative and protective manner. Like fillings, crowns come in a variety of materials. Your dentist will discuss the material options with you.

Veneers are often the recommended treatment to improve the esthetics of a smile. While fillings may sometimes provide the desired esthetic result, veneers offer higher esthetics and a longer lasting restoration. They require very little preparation of the tooth structure. They may also be a part of an orthodontic treatment plan as veneers can realign the appearance of your teeth.

Bridges are designed to restore a missing tooth. This is done so by placing crowns on the adjacent teeth, which are connected to the crown over the missing tooth. A bridge is cemented and thus fixed into place. The supporting teeth must display adequate health to support the bridge.

Implant crowns are placed on top of an implant. When finished, the restoration will look like the rest of your teeth. The benefit of an implant over a bridge is that the adjacent teeth do not require treatment. Our dentist works very closely with implant surgeons in the community and together they treatment plan the optimal treatment for you.

A removable partial denture is utilized to restore anywhere from one to multiple missing teeth with one appliance

When a tooth is not restorable, an extraction is recommended. Most routine extractions are performed by our dentist. More complicated oral surgery (i.e. third molar extraction, impacted teeth, planning for future implant) is referred to an oral surgeon in the community.

Root canal treatment is not offered by our dentist, but we work very closely with providers in the community who are happy to treat you.

Periodontal surgery is not offered by our dentist, but we work very closely with providers in the community who are happy to treat you.