Preparing for surgery

  • You should not have ANYTHING to eat or drink after midnight, the night before your surgery. This includes water. If you take regular medications, you may take them as usual with a small sip of water. After your surgery procedure, you may eat at any time.
  • Come to the hospital with a responsible adult, who will take you home after your surgery.
  • If you wear contacts, remove them before you come to the hospital.
  • If you have dentures, a partial plate or removable bridgework and you must wear it the day of your surgery, please bring a container to store it in during your surgery.
  • Call the us if you have developed a cold before your surgery.
  • Surgery appointments with general anesthesia or IV sedation are scheduled very closely. If you must cancel your surgery, it is very important that you notify the clinic AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.
  • The instructions 1 and 2 are for your SAFETY; if they are not followed, we MUST cancel your surgery.