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Resident Wellness

In order to provide the best care to our patients and families, we believe that we also need to care for ourselves. To support our pediatric residents to care for themselves, we provide the following curricula, activities and resources to help support our residents’ wellness:

Sixteen residents hike to remote dam in Sacramento.
  • Annual retreats for each resident year
  • Annual half-day wellness retreats for each resident year
  • Wellness half-days twice a year - We recognize that residency may make it difficult to fit in annual well person exams or dental appointments. We give each resident 2 wellness half-days each year to schedule weekday appointments to prioritize self-care (including read a book at a café, sleeping in, getting a massage . . .). We work with residents who may require more frequent appointments to make time in their schedule to allow for those appointments.
  • Annual Gogo Wellness Grand Rounds in honor of Dr. Albina Gogo, a former Associate Program Director who championed resident wellness and founded the Pediatric Resident Well-Being Committee.
  • Monthly Wellness Morning Report
  • Monthly Pediatric Wellness activities
  • Regular communication: Monthly Program Director - Chief Resident - Resident meetings to discuss ways to improve the UC Davis pediatric residency program. Weekly Chief Resident Newsletters to residents
Ten residents sit around dinner table.
Residents and faculty advisors in hospital classroom.
  • Inter-class Houses - Residents are assigned to one of 4 Houses. Each House consists of 2-3 Faculty Head of House and 3-4 residents from each year to allow residents to form longitudinal relationships with faculty and residents outside of the clinical setting.
  • Faculty and resident advisors - Residents are assigned a faculty advisor and a resident peer advisor (Big Sib). Residents meet with their faculty advisor 2-3 times a year to discuss their career goals, residency progress, and Individualized Learning Plans.
  • Encourage Gratitude - Residents and faculty appreciate residents through OWLs (Outstanding Wonderful Leader) recognitions.
  • Celebrate each other's accomplishments - Recognition of individual resident accomplishments during Program Director meetings, chief resident newsletters, and Department of Pediatrics meetings.
  • Free Zumba classes taught by one of our faculty (currently via Zoom)
  • Free snacks / drinks stocked in the Sugawara Library for residents
  • Pediatric Resident Well-Being Committee - opportunities to join the Pediatric Resident Well-Being Committee and/or the Medical Staff Well-Being Committee
  • Debriefings: When difficult things happen, didactic time can be reserved for debriefings. Also for our more intense rotations, like the PICU, we have an optional scheduled debrief at the end of the rotation for interested residents.
Residents enjoy Zumb class with Dr. Satake as instructor.
Transport team practices on pediatric test manikin.
  • EMR Efficiency Training
  • Career Advising: Career development and advising is built into Thursday block didactics. Additionally, individual meetings with faculty advisors, mentors, and the Program Director are designed to facilitate career development.
  • Financial Wellness advising
  • Physician First Aid “PFA” training: PFA is not something that only professionals can do and it is not professional counseling. It involves being available to listen to people's stories, it is not about pressuring people to tell you their feelings and reactions to an event. PFA is individualized to a person's needs and involves factors that seem to be most helpful to people's long-term recovery. These include: feeling safe, connected to others, and calm and hopeful; having access to social, physical and emotional support; and feeling able to help themselves, as individuals and communities.
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