Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists provide speech and language evaluations and treatment for patients from birth through 18 years. As an outpatient clinic affiliated with the hospital, our primary focus is on patients with medically-driven speech, language, and cognitive needs. Our speech-language pathologists use a model that emphasizes parent education and coaching to promote generalization of skills from the clinic to home and school. Your doctor must provide a referral to our clinic in order to schedule an initial appointment. At that time, the speech-language pathologist will collect a thorough history and complete assessments as warranted. Results and recommendations will be shared with you and reports are available via medical records.

Speech and language services may target:

  • Expressive language - the ability to express oneself, verbally or non-verbally, to effectively communicate wants, needs, thoughts, and ideas
  • Receptive language - the ability to comprehend spoken language
  • Articulation and Phonology - the production of speech sounds to improve intelligibility
  • Motor Speech Disorders - planning and coordinating oral musculature to produce speech
  • Alternative and Augmentative Communication - working with low-technology and high-technology to find alternatives to verbal speech