Current Team Member Highlight

Meet Brian Ford! He was a previous Research Assistant with us and is now working for a medical device startup called RecoverX. He is revolutionizing the Physical Rehabilitation Market by developing a device that delivers electric therapy for Post-Operative Recovery and Chronic Pain Management.

See below to hear about his experience in the Neuromuscular Research Lab:

How do you feel about your experience as a volunteer in the Neuromuscular Research Lab has helped you achieve your career goals?

“My experience at the Neuromuscular Research Lab left a larger impression on me than I first realized. It was my first, truly hands-on experience working with individuals who had a compromised quality of life. This helped me realize my passion to support those who live with conditions they did not choose. It also demonstrated that there are people actively working on finding solutions for those affected by debilitating conditions and inspired me to offer my skill set to do the same. As a collegiate athlete I was always interested in the health and wellness industry, but my experience at the Neuromuscular Research Lab encouraged me to take a job in medical device sales, where I developed a skillset that earned me a position in a high potential startup.”

What kind of advice would you give to those that are currently trying to pave their way into their future careers?

“I like to think of a career as a hallway with doors on each side. As you walk down the hallway some doors are locked, and some doors are not. It is your choice to decide which doors you go through. However, it is through hard work and making the most of the opportunities you have in front of you that more doors become unlocked. This hard work comes in a bunch of different forms - good grades, padding your resume, building your network, aligning with strategic mentors, and building a personal brand that you can leverage for offers. Fundamentally, I would encourage students and recent graduates to put in the work and have faith that the right doors will open at the right times.”

Interested in learning more about Brian Ford, then please check out his podcast called “ Self-Improvement Daily”, where he has received more than 2 million downloads and his TedX performance.

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