Our scholars and research projects for 2015-2016:

Harmeet Bhullar, M.D.

Title: Assessment and Tracking of Clinical OR Teaching in Anesthesia: An Integrative Electronic Platform

Nobuko Hagiwara, Ph.D.

Title: Development of an Integrated Medical Genetics Curriculum

Melody Y. Hou, M.D., M.P.H.

Title: Adapting Undergraduate Medical Education Milestones for Student Evaluations

Pouria Kashkouli, M.D.

Title: Development of an Interprofessional Course in Palliative Care and Pain Management

Gerald Kayingo, Ph.D., P.A.-C.

Title: Project iFloss

Russell F. Lim, M.D., M.Ed.
Swati Rao, M.D.

Title: Revision of Two Years of a Four-Year Cultural Curriculum for Psychiatry Residents

Amy Nichols, Ed.D., R.N.

Title: Case-Based Instruction in a Family Health Masters Entry Program in Nursing Course

George Rodway, R.N., Ph.D.

Title: Development of a Mountain Medicine Educational Application

Sumathi Sankaran, Ph.D.

Title: The Waves (Learning ECG the Easy Way)

Charandip Sandhu, M.D.

Title: Implementing Small Group Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Curriculum for Anesthesia Residents

Jeffrey Stenger, M.D.

Title: Using Collaborative Peer Observation to Improve Clinical Teaching of Inpatient Medicine