Our scholars and research projects for 2017-2019:

Theresa Duong, M.D.

Title: Active Learning Teaching Them to Fish

Purpose: To provide a student driven 2-week evidence based medicine elective course in a journal club style that could be taken after third year in medical school. The would help medical students critique and apply research to clinical practice.

Micaela Godzich, M.D.

Title: Developing a hybrid FM/IM hospitalist model of inpatient care in an academic family medicine residency

R. Scott Kriss, D.O.

Title: Teaching Ultrasound Upper Arm Venous Access in Neonates

Rebecca Mardach, M.D.

Title: Genomic Tele-education

Purpose: Offer genomics education for healthcare providers in a tele-education format consisting of approximately 14 modules. Will be taught in Spanish. Has funding $3,500 for this year and $3,500 for next year from Universidad CES.

Alison Semrad, D.O.

Title: Does In-training Exam (ITE) performance predict performance on specialty board pass rates after Endocrinology Fellowship training

Purpose: 1) Assess current utilization of information on ITE exam by Endocrine fellowship program as a component of fellow’s competency, 2) Identify factors in past fellows that increased fellow’s risk of failing Endocrine Specialty boards on first attempt, and 3) Develop an intervention strategy for matriculated fellows to increase rolling 1st time pass rate percentage on Endocrine boards in our exam candidates to 80 percent by Nov 2020.

Jessica Signoff, M.D.

Title: PICU/PCICU NP Program

Purpose: Start a PICU/PCICU NP 6-month/26-week program to create a team of highly trained individuals who are able share team responsibilities in caring for critically ill children. Program will include resident lectures, faculty-led workshops, virtual critical care rounds.

Blanca Solis, M.D.

Title: Evaluation of a Mindset Intervention on the Impostor Phenomenon
1) Explore Impostor Phenomenon amongst first year medical students at UC Davis School of Medicine.
2) Determine the effectiveness of a Growth Mindset intervention on Impostor Phenomenon amongst first year medical students at UC Davis School of Medicine.

Laura Van Auker, DNP, FNP-BC, SN-C

Title: Readiness for Interprofessional Education within UC Davis Graduate Health Sciences Programs: Impact of Shared Experienced

Purpose: 1) To determine how are readiness and positive attitudes for IPE increased by a shared course, 2) To determine whether a shared didactic versus clinical experience impact attitudes toward IPE.