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  • Nephrology Fellowship Training Program

    UC Davis Nephrology provides outstanding clinical training by faculty dedicated to and passionate about your education. Additionally, as a major academic and research center, there are numerous scholarly and research opportunities for fellows.

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Upper Division Course

192. Internship in Nephrology (1-12)
Internship — 3-36 hours; final report. Prerequisite: upper division standing; approval of project by preceptor prior to internship. Supervised work experience in nephrology. May be repeated for credit up to 12 units. (P/NP grading only.)

Graduate Course

299. Nephrology Research
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. (S/U grading only.)

Professional Courses

460. Nephrology and Fluid Balance (3-6)
Clinical activity--full time. Prerequisite: completion of third year of medical school; consent of instructor. Active participation in all inpatient/outpatient clinical activities, attendance at specific lectures and conferences at UC Davis Medical Center covering the field of nephrology and fluid-electrolyte disorders. Limited enrollment. (H/P/F grading only)--I, II, III, IV. (I, II, III, IV.)

499. Research in Nephrology (3-18)
Prerequisite: individual arrangement and consent of instructor. Independent laboratory research on a specific problem related to biochemical or immunologic causes of renal disease and/or uremic disorders in humans or animals. (H/P/F grading only.)-Kaysen

Healthcare workers assisting a patient.

Our Interventional program is staffed by two board certified Nephrologists who are also ASDIN certified.  The Medical Director is Suresh Appasamy, M.B.B.S. The program is an ASDIN certified training site. We offer one-on-one teaching in an ASDIN approved training center.  The program is an In-Hospital based Interventional Nephrology training site serving the UC Davis Medical Center. We treat both in-patients at the University Medical Center as well as out-patients in the University Nephrology group practice. Our patient population is about 70/30 percent out-patients to in-patients.  The majority of the practice is Nephrology based with a minority of Oncology patients as well. We also serve many of the surrounding dialysis centers in the Northern California Central Valley region.  We perform approximately 800 to 900 cases per year of which about 60% are Endovascular Procedures.  We have a staff of experienced Interventional Procedure Nurses and Radiology Technicians to support delivery of excellent patient care and enhanced education in conscious sedation, and radiation safety.

Interventional medical group of nine people.

Trainees will be taught and trained by Interventional Nephrologists, with exposure as needed to other specialties such as Interventional Radiologists. This will allow the trainee to experience various perspectives and approaches in the training sessions. The areas in which we provide Interventional Procedural experience are as follows; tunneled central lines (placement, revision and removal), angiograms, angioplasty, percutaneous thrombectomy and stent placement. The UC Davis Nephrology fellows rotate intermittently throughout the year on Interventional Nephrology, with option to increase exposure based on interest.  For those who have graduated from general nephrology fellowship and who wish to pursue additional training, we are also host to an Interventional Nephrology Fellowship.  With approximately 6 months of exposure the participant could receive enough cases and experience to allow them to gain procedural competency in these areas. An additional post graduate course is available. Further information is available by contacting Dr. Appasamy.

Suresh Appasamy, M.B.B.S.

The Nephrology Journal Club/Research Conference  (7:30 – 8:30 a.m.) is followed by  Nephrology Grand Rounds (8:30 – 9:30 a.m.) weekly on Tuesday mornings. Grand Rounds conferences include monthly reviews of nephropathology based on kidney biopsies obtained during the preceding month as well as interesting unknown cases. 

UC Davis School of Medicine
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In addition, the fellows participate in a Clinical Conference each Friday from 1 – 2 p.m. Topics include renal physiology, transplant immunology, core elements in nephrology, as well as interesting and challenging case presentations. The meeting is held in room 3037 across the hallway from the Division office.