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Transplant Nephrology

Kidney Transplant

Over 4,000 patients who needed a kidney transplant due to end-stage renal disease have relied on the Transplant nephrology program.

Dr. Neal Mineyev in the operating room performing a living donor kidney transplant surgery, working with the recipient patient.

Transplant Nephrology

Transplant Nephrology

Kidney disease is a common and complex condition affecting 1 in 9 adults in the United States. Thanks to recent advancements in medical science and progress in patient care, renal transplantation has become the preferred treatment option for patients with kidney failure. The complexity required for providing care of such patients demands skilled medical professionals and a dedicated support staff. Transplant medicine is a new subspecialty of nephrology requiring specific training and constant updating in a fast-evolving field of medicine.

The UC Davis Transplant Team is dedicated to delivering leading-edge therapies with a patient-centered approach. We are committed to compassionate and comprehensive care, helping our patients achieve their best possible outcome. We will continue to build and maintain professional relationship with the medical community in Northern/Central California. We are involved in teaching and in the development of clinical research projects involving new medications and innovative approaches for treatment of kidney disease and its consequences.

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