The Research Administration unit provides pre-award support to School of Medicine departments and centers, assistance with interpreting contracts, grants policies and general research administration support. The unit will also serve as a resource for UC Davis School of Medicine research administrators.

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Pre-Award Services

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Research Administration provides pre-award support to School of Medicine departments and centers which include, but are not limited to:

  • Meeting with faculty
  • Reviewing grant RFAs/Calls
  • Creating grant submission timelines
  • Creating budgets for grants and contracts
  • Filling out sponsor forms
  • Filling out institutional forms (Cayuse SP and Cayuse 424)
  • Assisting with compliance (IRB, IACUC, etc.)
  • Assistance with grant submission

The unit also assists with interpreting contracts and grants policies and with general research administration questions.

Research Administration Training Program

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The Research Administration unit is developing a research administration training program, with the vision of creating a school-wide certificate training program for all School of Medicine research administrators and research staff. The potential format of the program will be hybrid, cohort-based, case-based learning. The course will cover such topics as pre- and post-award practices, compliance, and interpersonal relationships. The overall goal is to make research administration practices standardized and consistent throughout the School of Medicine.

Research Administrators Meeting

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The unit aims to establish a standing meeting to serve as a platform for networking among research administrators, providing an open forum to discuss the latest issues and best practices in the field.

January 17, 2024 Meeting

April 15, 2024 Meeting

July 15, 2024 Meeting

Research Administrators Advisory Group

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The Research Administration unit will establish an advisory group for School of Medicine research administrators. This group will keep abreast of current issues in School of Medicine research administration, recommend topics for the Research Administrators Meeting and provide advice on items with which to engage leadership.

Join Our Focus Group

We are looking for research administrators, managers and any staff who support research to join our focus groups and help shape our training program. How often should courses be offered? In what format? What curriculum should we include?

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